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Thursday, October 20, 2011

the great mousecapade 2011. part 1.

this story begins about 4 weeks ago when robyn told me she thought we had a mouse in our house. (i just can't resist the rhyming.  its too cliche not to.)  honestly i laughed and didn't believe it because i hadn't really seen any of the signs of mice.  shame on me.  she set some traps but we never saw anything so we kind of just dropped it. 
fast forward to tuesday night.  i was sitting in bed reading and thought i saw something scurry across the floor into my closet.  i was kind of confused because trooper is laying at the foot of my bed and doesn't move a muscle.  the thing about the troop is that any kind of living creature in what he thinks is his territory sends him THROUGH the roof.  he sees a dog at the end of the block, a cat on the golf course, a neighbor in THEIR yard across the street, a moth in the house and IT'S OVER.  i just couldn't believe that if a mouse ran across the floor he wouldn't notice it.  way to go troop.  this could have been your moment of shining glory.  instead you just snooze it away.  cautiously, after putting on my tennis shoes (safety first always, i'm not interested in any mice nibbling my toes) i look around in my closet.  about this time robyn walked in.  THANK GOODNESS.  i cannot do this alone.  the only weird thing we notice are corn kernels scattered in little trails all around my closet.  what the heck.  after looking a little closer, we can see that it all starts from my corn bag.  (for those of you who don't know the greatness of a cornbag, it is literally a fabric bag filled with dried corn kernels that you warm up in the microwave and use as a heating pad.  heavenly. ) and that's where i see it.  there are holes in my corn bag.  we also notice little droppings here and there.  don't worry, we verified this on google.  yes, we are those people.  what would we even do without the world wide web?  thank you, al gore.  i kid, i kid.  kind of...
   all this to say  MOUSE CONFIRMED.  and in my closet of all places.  this would be the case since i laughed at the idea of mice in our house just a month ago.  and i apparently have been providing a corn feast to these crawly creatures for who knows how long.  perfect.  lesson learned.  boo.   
so now we are left with figuring out what to do about this.  i'm sure you are all on the edge of your seats waiting eagerly to find out how this story ends.  well stick around for part 2 once we figure this out ourselves.  suggestions are welcome.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

we're suckers for crafts

it's that time of year again...war eagle craft fair time!!!  my mom and i started going a few years back and it has become one of my favorite things that we do each fall.  let me just give you the back story on us and crafts.  when i was a kid, hobby lobby was one of my mom's favorite places to go wonder into.  sure she would go in with a purpose, but one idea would lead to another so then we would have to go check it out.  this usually required a trip down another aisle to see if they carried anything like whatever she was thinking of. (sound familiar?  anyone who's ever been to the hob lob with me knows that i do the very same thing these days...)  when i was a kid, i was not a fan trips to hobby lobby with my mom because i knew they would take forever and it wasn't just going to be a get in and get out thing.  well everyone knows, that we all become our parents in one way or another.  i'll go ahead and admit it.  I'VE BECOME MY MOTHER IN THIS WAY. it's ok though, i'm actually not sad about it at all.  so in the spirit of me inheriting my mom's love for craftiness, the war eagle fair really is such a fun tradition for us.  
we could not have asked for a better day weather wise this year.  warm, sunny, clear skies.  perfect.  neither of us bought much, but it's always fun to wander in and out of the tents and booths that are set up.  it's really just an added bonus that the fair is held outside of the war eagle mill. i just don't think you can be the beauty of autumn in arkansas.  i love it.

many of the things at the fair are honestly things that we could make ourselves if we had the time to do it.  this however, is not something either of us would ever have thought of and i sure hope we never get to the point of thinking it is a necessity in our 4 legged friends lives...
this vendor was selling doggie visors with attached sunglasses.  really?  this is a joke?  nope.  they were for real.  i didn't even bother looking for the price tag on these pun intended...ok maybe a little intended...because really?  i just snapped a quick pic because i knew it would be blog worthy, and tried not to let the vendor think that i was really buying into the idea that this was a necessity in troopers life.  sorry troop, i do love you, but not quite this much...

and finally, fair food.
fried pickles, potato whirls and strawberry lemonade.  oh yum.  i surely can't eat these things often, but in the spirit of the fair, you just have to give in.  not sorry. 

that's all for now.  happy sunday to you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

just call me auntie

so this weekend i made a whirlwind trip home to see these 2 people.
this is my brother sonny and his wife annie.  i wish i had a background story for this picture...but i might have swiped it from facebook... stalker much? um yes.  but it doesn't count if it's family right?  i did it all in the name of a good blog post because really, who likes a blog without any pictures to look at?  so you're welcome for this little stalker addition.
anyway, just as we were headed out to dinner, sonny made a little off hand comment to my dad about knowing that you're old when you become a grandpa.  at first we were all like "haha whatever, let's go eat."  my dad stopped and asked if that was a joke or for real.  sure enough, IT WAS FOR REAL!  they are going to have a baby!  I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT! 
we are all beyond excited!  i wish i had pictures of our expressions when we found this out, but of course i don't.  i just want to remember this moment as such a sweet family memory.  it was so fun that night making our predictions for boy vs.girl and brainstorming good grandparent names for my parents.  i'm excited for this next season for our family.  more to come on this as the days draw closer to his or her arrival.  i plan to be a doting aunt to this lil' preshie.  i can't even wait. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


i love wednesdays.  what a funny day to love right?  i usually don't work on wednesdays which really is reason enough to love it, but good things happen that day. 
in the mornings, i go to bible study.  i'm doing something different this year and trying out Bible study fellowship (bsf).  it's not like any Bible study i've ever done, but i'm really enjoying it so far.  we are studying Acts and the Epistles this year.  i really like the daily study portion of it.  i've done plenty of beth moore studies and those really are great, but i'm loving that the Bible is the only resource we use for this study.  i feel like i'm learning a lot from Scripture i've read over and over.  it's challenging and good. 

wednesday afternoons i meet with susie for discipleship. this is susie.
we went on a mission trip to haiti together in march and really just clicked.  she's cool and i like her a lot.  i'm not really sure what we are trying to portray in this picture, which really makes it even better i think.  we are reading "forgoten God" by francis chan.  it's a book about the Holy Spirit.  i don't know if either of us really knew what to expect from this book, but we are really liking it!  honestly, i'm not sure that i've ever given the Holy Spirit a ton of thought except that He is there.  (side note: did you know that the Holy Spirit is a He and not an it?  i did not before reading this.  there's your bloggy educational nugget for the day)  a lot of what i'm learning about the Spirit in this book ties closely together with what we've covered in the Acts study at bsf so far.  love when that happens. 

wednesday nights are TRACK nights for the 1st-4th graders at church.  i've blogged about this a bit before.  5 weeks in, and it's still so fun!  it's really is a highllight of my week! 

i'm sure that this has been a thrilling read for y'all.  thanks for listening to my love for this day in my week.  haha!
also, shane and shane's cd "the one you need" came out yesterday. i'm sure all of you in my budding audience remember that i posted about it in this post . i bought the album yesterday and it's just SO good.  now i'm not that girl that waits and waits for an album to come out so that i can buy it the day it's released.  no big, if you are that girl (or boy? i'm just not sure any boys actually read this.  do boys even read blogs?  i just don't know...) mostly i'm just too cheap to buy something until i know it's going to be good.  i feel the same way about seeing movies in the theater.  another post of another day.  anywho, i'm pretty sure this is the first album i've EVER bought on it's release date.  that's big time.  so if you're a shane and shane fan, or even if you're not, check this out!  you won't be sorry you did.