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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

sweet summertime

anyone who knows me well knows that i am a warm weather girl.  i hate being cold and almost everything that comes along with winter weather.  the summers i spent working at kanakuk in my college years conditioned me to not just tolerate the heat, but to love it.  there is something about summertime that just takes me back and makes me feel good.  i love the carefree spirit of just going with the flow, spending lazy afternoons poolside and taking a break from busy schedules during the school year.  i love the excuse to go get ice cream because it's too hot to do anything else and that it is still light outside at 9pm.  i just love it all. 

this is what summer has looked like for me so far...  
hanging with some of my favorite kiddos

crafting on rainy afternoons.  i do love a good project.  thank you pinterest for helping me channel my creative energy. 

baseball with the family. 

evening walks on campus.  seeing my name on senior walk has yet to get old.  love my alma mater.  woo pig.

 enjoying fresh flowers on my kitchen table from grandmas hydrangea bush

outdoor concerts with fun friends.  lets just say that we definitely stood out with our chaco feet among the cowboy boots at the luke bryan concert.  comfort and practicality always win.  haha

more to come later on my summer adventures as i play bloggy catch up, but for now
peace out. 

hey there, remember me?

hey remember that one time i was a blogger?  yeah, me too.  consistency with this has not been my strong suit.  whoops!  so to the two of you who actually read this (shout out mom and grandma) a new post! 

you may remember back last fall i posted about a new little addition coming to our family.... well on march 27, this beauty made me an aunt for the first time.  we could not be anymore in love with her. 
meet avery anne.  you should expect to see more of her in the upcoming posts.  ps: such a sucker for a baby in ruffles.  seriously, how can you not swoon when you see this babe?!
 here we are in our first picture together.  it was clearly love at first site on my end and if you look closely at those little eyes, i think the feelings were mutual... :)

thats all for now.
one happy auntie