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Sunday, September 9, 2012

ethiopia or bust

haha not a very fitting title for this post but i couldn't resist!  i am really excited to tell y'all that i am going on a medical mission trip to ethiopia in october!  i am pumped.  i have wanted to go on a medical trip ever since i graduated from nursing school.  in haiti last year, it broke my heart to see kiddos there with long standing medical issues that have a really simple fix here in the states.  i feel blessed to have earned an education that allows me to help others everyday.  i know that education is a privilege that not everyone can receive.  i am challenged by the parable of talents in matthew 25.  because i have been entrusted with much, i feel that it is my responsibility to use this knowledge to help others who could not otherwise help themselves.

i am going with a group from northwest arkansas and we will be partnering with the James Initiative.  The James Initiative is an organization started by a few Christians here who felt compelled to care for the orphans of the world as we're commanded in James 1:27.  i believe in the work this organization is doing for several reasons.  here in the states they work to inform people of the realities of the orphan population and their need for care. they do this by mobilizing groups to go and supporting adoption.  in ethiopia they are doing much of the same thing.  equipping and encouraging Believers there in the local Church to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these kiddos.  i love the way the James Initiative is coming alongside the ethiopians to allow them to show their community that it is the local Churches job to reach their community.  it would be easy for americans to step in, take over and provide.  however, this creates a need for dependency.  so instead, they are coming alongside and teaching them how to run effective outreach ministry so that the local church can essentially be the hero.  this allows the lost there to know that the local Church cares about meeting tangible needs along with the spiritual ones.  i think this is a beautiful partnership.  for more information you can go to

while my group is there, we will be working with local doctors and nurses to help run a clinic for the orphans the james initiative is reaching.  one day this clinic will hopefully be able to provide ongoing check ups and medical care to these kids.  i am beside myself that i get to be a part of this!

more to come as the trip gets closer!