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Sunday, January 1, 2012

christmas re-cap

well december was a whirlwind and now its 2012!  wow-o-wow!  i haven't been a very good blogger these days :(  instead of christmas re-cap, this could really more appropriately be called december re-cap.  december was fun fun with so many christmas festivities but BUSY.  it was full of christmas parties with fun friends, family get togethers, trips home to see out of town friends and even a wedding for some dear friends.  so here we go!  the entire month highlighted in iphone pics!

one of the christmas parties that i went to this month was an ornament exchange with some girls from work.  somehow i managed to end up coming home with this one!  what a score!   love those hogs and this green sparkly ornament was cute cute hanging on my tree this year.

our tree this year with all sparkly ornaments!  i never grew up having a themed tree and actually didn't intend to have one this year.  sometime last year my mom let me sort through all of the christmas ornaments that we had growning up and pull out the ones that were mine to put on my own tree.  hello rite of passage.  well over the course of the year, the room they were in was re-arranged and the box of ornaments couldn't be found in time for me to use them on my tree this year. bummer.  i found a great deal on this huge pack of ornaments on black friday.  all of them were sparkly and matching.  next year i will use my ornaments that i always remember having on the tree growing up (such a sucker for sentiment).  this year, it was kind of fun having a matching tree though! 

my cutie lil goddaughter cuddling up for some dora stories.  since i worked on christmas day this year, family christmas' happened with back and forth trips home over the course of a week and a half.  sure do love this little girl and had fun spending an evening with her family.

  goofy brother.  i'm not sure which he enjoyed more, the presents...or the wrapping.  crazy to think that the next time i see him, he will be a DADDY.  i'm so happy for them!

so annie and i got these mathcing "warm suits" for christmas.  i believe they are called forever lazies.  anyway, we clearly had to try them on once we opened them.  and don't you even worry, these treasures have a zip down hiney flap.  here we are demonstrating how it works.  you're welcome for that.  

so there it is.  merry christmas 2011.  

ps: i started out this post with my margins being in normal paragraph form.  halfway through they somehow changed to centered.  i'm not sure how this happened. my track record with losing nearly finished posts on blogger is not in my favor.  i'm afraid that if i try to fix it i'll lose the whole thing so i'm deciding that a post with poor margins is better than no post at all!  sorry!  maybe i'll be better at this in 2012...